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Samuel L. Jackson's slam poetry of Boy Meets World Apr. 3rd, 2014 @ 06:45 am
This happened and it's pretty amazing.


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Screencaps Jul. 19th, 2012 @ 09:38 pm
Where's a good place to find big, high-quality screenshots from the entire series? Sadly, my computer's DVD player does not take screencaps for some weird reason.

BMW on the AV Club Jun. 7th, 2012 @ 09:15 pm
The pop-culture website, AV Club, has an occasional column called Round Table where their critics weigh in one an issue. Right now they're discussing adolescence and this week they look at Boy Meets World episde Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?


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eighteen! Sep. 24th, 2011 @ 07:05 pm
Today is the eighteenth anniversary of the Boy Meets World Premiere. We're old, y'all.

fiction: Eric/Shawn: Mentions of Cory/Shawn Sep. 15th, 2011 @ 11:15 pm

Pairing: Shawn Hunter / Cory Matthews
Implied feelings towards: Shawn Hunter / Eric Matthews
Rating: T
Summary: Shawn has a meaniful conversation with Eric.
A/N: My first time writing such fiction with Shawn and Eric, I had been interesting in this pairing and wasn't able to find anyone who wrote them so I'm gonna try to give it a go now. Please forgive me if it ain't that good. There're won't be any kissing or anything like that, I just wanna try to write them a little and see if anyone is even interested in this before I go any further with this paring. Please leave a comment if you read.

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Apr. 20th, 2011 @ 06:53 pm
So I was watching the first season of BMW yesterday and while watching the episode where Shawn goes out on his first date, And it made me wonder if they ever really mentioned their birth-dates during the show's run, Because in the beginning of that episode, Cory makes a statement that he was 12 and in that SAME episode during the end, Shawn says he's 13 so are Cory & Shawn a year apart or was it just a mistake on the writers parts?. It really got me confused. If anyone knows could you let me know thanks. It would be appreciated.

icons Mar. 19th, 2011 @ 01:43 am

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Sep. 20th, 2010 @ 06:22 pm

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ABC LAS Aug. 31st, 2010 @ 10:50 pm
ALL pairings welcome!

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... who will come out on top?
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