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fiction: Eric/Shawn: Mentions of Cory/Shawn

Pairing: Shawn Hunter / Cory Matthews
Implied feelings towards: Shawn Hunter / Eric Matthews
Rating: T
Summary: Shawn has a meaniful conversation with Eric.
A/N: My first time writing such fiction with Shawn and Eric, I had been interesting in this pairing and wasn't able to find anyone who wrote them so I'm gonna try to give it a go now. Please forgive me if it ain't that good. There're won't be any kissing or anything like that, I just wanna try to write them a little and see if anyone is even interested in this before I go any further with this paring. Please leave a comment if you read.

Eric sits on the outside sofa, Just watching his little sister.

His parents were out gathering supplies for their planned birthday bash for Morgan.
She was turning into a bright young lady, So their mother would say.
To Cory she was a pest, Eric on the other-hand was very close to Morgan.
He didn't mind to babysit her while their parents were gone.
It was originally supposed to be Cory to be the one to watch her, He was 16 now.
That was a responsible enough age to watch his little sister for a half an hour.
But Cory put up a fuzz, Saying that Shawn was coming over and they had plans to go to Chubby's.

Eventually Eric who was tired of hearing the bickering from Cory, Agreed to watch her instead.
And that's what he has been doing for the past 12 minutes.
He didn't expect to see Shawn drudging back up to the house, Alone.

Eric sits upright on the sofa, Curious as to why Shawn was doing back here and without Cory.
After-all Eric may have acted foolish at times but he wasn't dumb, He knew that there was something more going on between his little brother and his brother's best friend. It didn't take a genius to figure out what Cory would dream about, During the long hours of darkness.

Until Cory began having those dreams, Eric didn't mind sharing a bedroom, After-all they've shared one practically since Cory's birth. But since the dreams it hasn't been something that Eric is very comfortable with. He of course didn't let on to Cory about what he was hearing during the nights, But it did start to bring up an issue during the day, A unsettling feeling of discomfort. Eric wasn't sure if Cory was aware of it, Maybe he didn't pay any attention to it. But Eric felt it. He began feeling it towards Shawn too, And Eric didn't like it. He liked Shawn, He was a good guy. A little troublesome at times but a good kid none the less.He didn't want to feel this way about his brother or to Shawn. But he couldn't tell Cory that he knew of the dreams, Could he.

Shawn sits down next to Eric, He had his leather jacket on. The one that Cory had borrowed from me a summer ago and instead of returning it back to me, He leads it to Shawn who became very attached to the clothing. As I said, I like Shawn and I know his parents don't make much money, So I allowed him to keep the jacket, Well really I just told Cory not to worry about it, Because Shawn wasn't aware that it was really mine. I still don't think he's got on to the fact that the jacket used to belong to me. I think he just thinks that Cory bought it for him, It was around Christmas time when Cory told me that Shawn had it. I was pretty upset with Cory at the time, I really did like that Jacket but alas it was getting too small for me and it does look better on Shawn then me.

"What you doing back here?." I ask kneeling forward some to see his face.
He is looking down "I just had to get away from him, He can be so smothering sometimes."
Eric nods "Yeah. You remember that time he got pretty upset when he couldn't go to that movie?"
Shawn looks up to Eric, For Eric was a few feet taller then him.
"Yeah, I remember. He really made his dad mad. Man I hated having to sit there between the two while their looking all pissed off at one another. It was pretty uncomfortable."
"..What happened tonight, You leave him at Chubby's?."

Shawn gets up straightening out his jacket. "Yeah, I left him there." He looks down to the ground.

Eric stands up and stands beside Shawn "You wanna tell me about it?."

Shawn turns his head "No. I don't want too. It's something that you wouldn't understand.".

Eric smiles "Try me."

Shawn throws his hands out in the air, Like he was just waiting for the moment that he could let it all out.

"He's so ...So. I don't even know!. He's just so him. He wants to please everybody. He can't just be with me. No, He has to bring her along. I don't want to see her all the time, Everyday. I sometimes just wanna spend time with him, ....Alone. You know?." Shawn looks down again.

Eric nods silently "...You like him, I mean more then just being a friend right?." He whispers.

Shawn looks at Eric and walks up to where he was standing infront of him.

"What do you mean, Did Cory tell you something?."

Eric shakes his head "...No, It's just something I know all on my own."

Shawn scrunches his eyes. "What are you talking about."

Eric smiles slyly. "All I'm saying is I can understand why he'd like you, I like you too. Somewhat.".

Shawn stands there mouth gaped open, Confusion whirling around his head.

"Are you saying you like me Eric?, I mean really like me."

Eric shrugs "Maybe I am, I don't know. I just know that ever-since Cory started having those dreams."

"Wait, What." Shawn stops Eric in mid-sentence. "He told you about the dreams, That's how you know. He told you about the dreams."

Eric shakes his head "No, No he didn't. He didn't tell me nothing I told you. I know only because I've heard him talking in his sleep, It wasn't too hard to figure out who he was dreaming about, Or what."

Shawn's face begins to turn red.

"He said your name some times, Moaning. It was pretty clear that he was having erotic dreams about you."

"Yeah, But how ..."

Just as he begins to say it, Morgan comes running up to them.

"Can I go to Tammy's house, Her parents are having pizza!."

Eric who was busy studying Shawn for emotion, Turns and looks down at Morgan.
"Uh...Sure. Yeah."

Shawn sits down on the porch, Just beside the sofa. He tilts his head back, It resting on the sofa cushion.

"You were saying." Eric whispers

"How did you know?, Just because of some dream. That doesn't mean I would feel the same way as him."
Shawn asks as he scratches his thumb.

 Eric stands in front of Shawn. "You've always been close. I mean I didn't really know, It was just a hunch."

Shawn looks up at Eric "You said you liked me. Is it true. I mean you like me, Like Cory likes me?."

Eric kneels down beside Shawn "I don't know, I told you. It was those dreams. I would hear Cory and at first I was pretty sicken out by it, You know he's my brother and I'm having to hear him have a wet dream. But after about two weeks, I started having these thoughts... Not really sexual but they were of you. Things that you've done and said. Like that one time when you hid in our room when you threw that cherry bomb in the store's mailbox, I don't see how I didn't know that you were there the whole time. I eventually figured it out but at first I didn't know. It would just make me smile... And I'd think.. Why couldn't we be that close. Like you are with Cory. It's weird I know."

Shawn gets up and stands near Eric, He swings his arm around Eric's shoulder.

"I'd like us to be that close too, I mean.. I like Cory. I don't wanna hurt him. But I think we could be friends. Just really close friends. Just NOT as close as me and Cory. Am I making any sense here." Shawn laughs.

Eric does aswell "No, I get it. So have you and Cory you know.." Eric leans into Shawn's ear "Kissed yet?."

Eric looks at Shawn, He can notice his face getting red again.

"..Not really, Not like a french kiss, But our lips have touched."

"When did all this happen?." Eric asks.

Shawn gets ready to speak up when there's commotion coming from inside the house.

Eric looks over into the kitchen "My parents must be home, We'll talk about this later. Maybe I can get Cory to spill the juicy details." Eric teases.

"Don't tell him I told you. Please." Shawn whispers as both head indoors.

"Don't worry, I won't say anything."

"Won't say what?." Alan asks to his oldest son. Amy was standing with bags in her hands, Looking over intently at Eric and Shawn who we're both still standing in the doorway.

"Nothing, Just that I'm thinking of spending more time with Shawn, I mean just cause he's my brother's friend, Doesn't mean that he can't be my friend too.

Eric and Shawn both smile and head into the living room to watch T.V.

The end.

Not what I was expected to write, But it is what it is.
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