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This is the community for those who have a Boy Meets World addiction. We are here to support each other, and discuss all things Boy Meets World. Cast member gossip is also encouraged. So welcome, relax, and remember, no one is here to judge you, or your sad, sad obsession.

In The U.S.:
Boy Meets World can be seen Weekdays at 3pm ET/PT on ABC Family or Weekdays at 2am ET on Disney Channel.

In Canada:
Boy Meets World can be seen Monday to Thursday at 8:00pm and 10:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 10:40am ET/PT on Family.

Community Guidelines:
Please try to keep discussion Boy Meets World related. Completely off-topic posts will be deleted. Spam posts intended to advertise communities or websites unrelated to Boy Meets World will also be deleted and reported to LiveJournal Abuse.

Please use the lj-cut tag for lengthy posts or large images.

If you're looking for important or informative posts, or information on a specific topic (such as the Boy Meets World DVDs), you may find it by browsing the memories section of the community.

Don't post the same thing multiple times.

And of course, please be respectful to each other.

Boy Meets World @ TV Tome:
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